The Story

Why did we create yet another ABBA band when the world is full of them?

Well… members of the band was already playing together for a long time in a dance and partyband, when they were asked to do a theme gig and play only ABBA songs, as there was no such band in the south part of Sweden that could pull this off in a professional way, we thought it was a fun idea to try, but we had no female singers in the band.

Luckily enough it was a simple task to fix as our frontman Marcus has a very talented girlfriend Hanna, she has been singing for a long time with her also very talented friend Linnéa, they know each other in and out both vocally and as friends, then we also have another frontman Simon in the band as a stand in when Marcus is playing with Dynamo, yet another great band.


The setup was complete and we started rehearsals in 6/2 2019 for the show at 30/3 2019, we did about 9-10 rehearsals where we picked the best ABBA songs we could fit in to a 1,5 hour show as asked for.

We all liked the feel and was a little surprised it sounded like the real deal that fast, we thought it should be only one gig so it was nice to have a good flow in the songs and not struggle too hard, then it was time to test the efforts in a rehearsal with audience at the same place as the real gig, this was in 23/3 2019, it went all good and the audience was both happy and surprised it sounded so good, we were booked for three new gigs the same night.

Then it was time for the real gig with a paying audience in 30/3 2019, it was a smash hit and the crowd gave us standing ovations, we played one more night at the place due to the first one was sold out, we also got more bookings after that.

Then we decided to make this a real band and give the project a name, and that’s how Songs Of ABBA was born.

There are many ABBA tribute bands in the world, and the most famous one Arrival are also coming from Sweden like us, however we would not like to call us a tribute band, as we do not have any special costumes and the very big production as they do, but we sound as good.

To be continued….