About Us

We are a Swedish liveband of eight professional musicians performing famous and beloved ABBA songs recorded between 1972 – 1983 in a one and a half hour long show. No event is too big or too small, we perform as a concert show or at festivals, private and company related partys, anywhere you wish to have some ABBA feeling and hear all the immortal and loved Songs Of ABBA live.

The songs and music of original ABBA are timeless and still very appreciated among people all over the world today.

The musicians in the band are professionals and have been working musicians for a long time and are also connected to other Swedish bands, our goal is to play the songs as close to the original ABBA live songs as possible without backing tracks or other machines.


We are located in the southern part of Sweden, and within 9 hours we reach to Norway, all over Denmark, northern half of Germany with the equipment by highway.
This is also the reason we have used the English language for the website.

Disclaimer: We got nothing to do with the famous tribute band Arrival from Sweden nor the original ABBA.