Songs Of ABBA is a Swedish band from the south part of Sweden since 2019. We consist of eight professional musicians with long experience in live music.

We perform exclusively all the well known and loved hits recorded by original ABBA from 1972 – forward as close to the original as possible 100% live.

The band have been playing together for a long time in a cover/party band named Sjögren & Company, and was asked from the owner of the Johanna museum in the end of 2018 to do like a theme concert with only ABBA songs in spring of 2019.

We thought it was a great idea, and asked two female vocalists we knew to do the Agnetha and Anni-Frid parts, then the band was complete. The premier 2019 at the museum was sold out and the expectations were exceeded as we made two more sold out shows at the same place, and also a highly appreciated performance at Öja Krog, just outside Ystad. This is how and why Songs Of ABBA as a band name was born.

Now there are many cover/tribute bands in the world playing ABBA music with the whole span of quality. There are just some with a mega production and goes all in and also travels the world. They sound amazing and are highly professionals. They also cost a lot of money for their big appearance.

We don’t see ourselves as a tribute band with a big show or trying to be like ABBA, as we want to focus on their amazing good music, and make it sound BIG live at any kind of event for a resonable cost without sacrificing anything in quality. The goal is to sound as close to original ABBA as possible without any remakes or backing tracks of the songs.

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The Band

We are a eight-piece band plus sound engineer with long experience in live performance just to get the right sound. The musicians are all playing in different combinations with each other in the pretty well known cover/party/dance band Sjögren & Company, and also more famous Swedish artists.

Sound Engineer

Robert Larsson is our sound engineer at all bigger events and he also got a long time experience in the business. His own company Teknifiera is also located in our neighborhood in south of Sweden (Trelleborg)